The Best Oil Cloth Resources

April 6, 2010

Perhaps you are lucky enough to live near a retailer that has a great oil cloth tablecloth selection (a true rarity), or a store that offers many lovely types of oilcloth by the yard (if they carry it at all, they usually will have just 3-5 varieties). It is much more likely that the web will be your best resource, as the variety of fabric styles, prices, and great design are impossible to match.
For oil cloth tablecloths, online vendors will run the gamut from restaurant suppliers to tiny sellers who specialize in very particular niches, like French-style oil cloth. If a purse, wallet, or big shopping bag is what you are after, then the web will offer up a myriad of stores, as well as a ton of specialized one-person shops on sites like Etsy.
Finding ideas, patterns, and instructions for oil cloth projects is easy peasy lemon squeezy. Google the phrase “oilcloth projects” or “oilcloth patterns” and you will be amazed at how many wonderful, clever things appear before you. Martha Stewart’s website alone has a huge number of oilcloth ideas which include detailed patterns and instructions. They range from very-simple-quickie projects to complex, hope-you-really-are-a-sewing-ninja level pieces.
If you already have your project all lined up and you just want to buy some great oil cloth yardage, then by golly, you have come to the right place. The resources listed below will provide a wonderful variety of choices. One thing to note, however — as you review the various sites selling oil cloth by the yard or the roll, you will notice that certain patterns appear over and over again on everybody’s sites. This is because the majority of the oil cloth yardage in the United States comes through one main supplier, so there is a natural duplication of pattern and style across the retailers. But take the extra moment to find the tablecloth, fabric, or hand-crafted piece that really floats your boat, so that every time you look at it you will feel those little bubbles of happiness coursing though you. You deserve it, darlin’!
Oil Cloth Tablecloths
Oil Cloth Fabric (sold by the yard, roll, or in remnant pieces)
  • Mendel’s
  • Denver Fabrics Their site takes awhile to go through, but their selection is huge and the prices are great.
  • Textile Arts The best source for Marimekko prints and other large, graphic patterns. Ideal for wall hangings, upholstery, large bags, and more. Higher prices for this designer work, but well worth it.
  • Oil Cloth Addict Modern June sells her oilcloth by the yard, roll, or in remnant batches, and she is a top resource for all things oilcloth! She makes and sells aprons and other goodies that are gorgeous, and is full of great sewing tips that you should review BEFORE you start any oilcloth project.
  • Oilcloth Alley Yardage, tablecloths, and aprons.
  • Mexican Sugar Skull Plenty of oilcoth yardage and many wonderful things for the Day of the Dead.
Purses, Bags, Wallets, and More
  • Sarah Janes Great selection of purses, pennants, luggage tage, play mats, and much more!
  • Oil Cloth Addict Oil cloth aprons that are to die for, flag pennants for parties/decoration,
  • RBT Bags Tote bags, binder covers, kid’s splat mats, luggage tags, lunch bags, etc.
  • Dewberry Patch Market Purses and tote bags
  • Mary Jane Bags Laptop covers, bike panniers, business card cases, dog/cat mats, purses, and lots more!
  • Doxie Shop Aprons, gloves, lunch bags, totes, and tablecloths
  • It’s a Girl Thing Back packs for kids, aprons, insulated lunch bags, etc.
  • Oilcloth Alley Tablecloths, aprons, kid’s stuff
  • Land of Nod Splat mats, place mats
Oilcoth Project Ideas, Patterns and More
*Red Toile Oilcloth image to the right is from Modern June (oilcoth by the yard, aprons, and more).

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