Oilcloth Project Ideas

April 8, 2010

Below is a list of oilcloth items to buy, or, if you are feeling adventurous, to make yourself. Check out the Oilcloth Resources page for links to websites with oilcloth  products for sale, as well as sites that offer a variety of oilcoth projects and ready-made patterns.
Easy Peasy Oilcloth Projects:
  • Coasters
  • Lunch bags
  • Placemats (for humans or for use under your pet’s food bowls)
  • Book covers and book marks
  • Aprons (both the short kind or the longer ones that protect the whole front of the cook)
  • Highchair mats (place it directly under the highchair to protect the floor and make clean-up faster. Also, it can add great color to the kitchen or dining room!)
  • Play area or art projects mats (keep the finger paint on the oil cloth, not your carpet!)
  • Luggage tags
  • Picture frames (cover an ugly picture frame with oilcloth, then add some bric-a-brac, or a loved one’s initial!)
  • Shelf or drawer linings
  • Binder or sketchbook covers
Mid-Level Oilcloth Projects:
  • Folding wallet
  • Party pennants on a string (you know those long strands of triangular flags that hang across car dealerships, fluttering in the breeze? Now think gorgeous, colorful oilcloth flags surrounding your next backyard BBQ! Also good indoors for birthday parties and the like.)
  • Considering refinishing a table, desk, or end table? Take the easier route! Paint or spray paint the legs/base a fun color, then upholster the table top with oil cloth, using a staple gun to secure the edges just under the lip. You can add a layer of felt or thin foam under the oilcloth to create a soft, cushy surface. Also a great idea for taking gnarly looking furniture and turning it into pure kid’s room awesome sauce.
  • Cushions for outdoor chairs and chaise lounges
  • Clothespin bag (our grandmothers proved how useful these little bags were, since they hang directly onto the clothesline by a hanger, moving along as you hang up clothes, and keeping the clothespins clean and dry)
  • Lampshades (the possibilities are endless! Maybe put some little poms poms along the lower edge, or trim the hems in satin ribbon)
Hardcore Oilcloth Awesomeness!
  • Small medieval style tent with flying pennants, for your kids to play inside of in the backyard. Scale it down to their size, and use a simple interior frame made of wood or PVC tubing.
  • Full chair covers, where fabric hangs to the floor (indoor or outdoor usage)
  • BBQ cover for your patio area (choose a pattern that compliments the outdoor tablecloth
*Red Toile Oilcloth image to the right is from Modern June (oilcoth by the yard, aprons, and more).

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